March 13, 2021

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Tramadol is apsychotropic drug that affects opioid receptors and changes their state. The drug is acyclohexanol derivative, which has a very strong analgesic effect on the body. Some time after the intake, the gelatinous substance of the spinal cord stops to receive impulses and the person starts to feel better.


In its action, Tramadol is similar tocodeine and morphine. However, ithas a lower analgesic activity, which provokes an increase in the drug dosage. The medication causes sedative effect, so it not only relieves pain, but also provides calmness and drowsiness.


Indications for use


The drug can be taken only for the treatment of moderate to severe pain syndrome. Specialists prescribe this drug in the following cases:


inflammatory processes;


vascular diseases;


myocardial infarction;

oncological diseases;

painful diagnostic and recovery activities;


opiate withdrawal syndrome.

Tramadol can’t be classified as a narcotic substance, asit was created as a synthetic analogue of painkillers. Today,every country decides independently whether to exclude this drug from circulation, restrict its use or just sell it on prescription.




SinceTramadolis astrong drug that has a serious impact on the body, you should take it responsibly. There are a number of contraindications that exclude or limit the drug use:




childhood age;


increased sensitivity to the drug components;

simultaneous intake of monoamine oxidase inhibitors and CNS depressants;

opioid dependence;

bronchial asthma and other respiratory disorders;

pathologies that provoke disorders of consciousness.




In order to understand how many pills you need to take in your particular case, you should consult a doctor. However,there are general standards, whose neglect can negatively affect your health.


Children above the age of 14 and adults shouldn’t exceedthe maximum daily dose of 400 mg (8 pills), Otherwise, the risk of addiction will increase significantly. You should start with the dose of 50 mg. However, if you don’t notice any relief within one hour, you should repeat the intake.

For children aged 1 to 14, the dosage should be prescribed depending on their body weight(1-2 mg/kg). If necessary, the intake can be repeated up to 4 times per day.

In elderly people(aged over 75), the half-life of the drug is a bit longer.The refore, it is necessary to adjust the drug dose based on the patient’sgeneral well-being.

Patients with renal/liver dysfunction shouldn’t take Tramadol more than twice a day.


Side effects

Intolerance to the drug components, as well as patient’s individual characteristics can lead to the development of side effects. They are usually manifested in the following symptoms:








dry mouth;





Special indications


Since the regular use of Tramadol negatively affects information processing, you should avoid the activities that require maximum concentration. Driving orworking with complex mechanisms can be dangerous for the patient and people around him/her.

Psychotropic analgesics change consciousness and decrease the reaction rate, so you should be very careful.

The long-term use of the drug can lead to the development of drug tolerance. In this case, the patient will have to increase the drug dosage to achieve the desired effect. This course of events is acceptable if Tramadol is used as palliative care for advanced cancer patients.Otherwise, you should discuss the strategy for further treatment with a specialist.

During the treatment with analgesics, you need torefuse from ethanolto eliminate the risk of undesirable symptoms. A single use of the medication doesn’t require the termination of breast feeding, but if a person is under going a long course of therapy, it is better to protect the baby from the drug effect.

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