March 16, 2021

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Soma is the quick-acting medication, which provides muscle relaxation and a soothing effect. The use of Soma should be accompanied bysufficient rest and physiotherapy for the effective treatment of traumas and muscle aches.

Soma should be used very carefully, since it may provoke dependence. Please avoid taking too high doses of the drug.

Indications for use


Soma is usually prescribed for the treatment of muscle cramps, hypertonia, muscle tension and complex regional pain syndrome. The use of the medication in the practice of a neurologist or therapist is especially reasonable, as the main indications for its use are neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, for example, ischemic stroke, brain/spinal cord inflammation, spinal cord stroke, etc.

Soma is recommended to the patients suffering from chronic muscle pain caused by various musculoskeletal disorders.

This drug isalso prescribed to the athletes suffering from muscle strain, as well as to the patients with arthritis, synovial inflammation, ligament injuries and muscle swelling. In this case, the prescription of Soma in combination with NSAIDs is justified.

In orthopedics, this drug is used for the rehabilitation after the back and joint surgeries.

In addition, Soma is intended for the treatment of PVD of a thrombotic origin (such as Raynaud’s and obliterating atherosclerosis).

One of the rarest indicationsfor the use of Soma is a deep coma accompanied by decerebration.



The maincharacteristic of miorelaxants is their immediate absorption by the stomach and intestines. Soma is excreted in urine.

Fast absorption of miorelaxants substantially increases the number of contraindications to their use. Particularly, it is prohibited to use the medication in the following cases:

  • kidney disorder;
  • liver conditions;
  • gestation;
  • breastfeeding;
  • allergic reactions;
  • sores;
  • psychiatric disorders.

The drugs from the group of muscle relaxants must not be withdrawn abruptly. We recommend you to reduce the drug dose gradually for several weeks.

The use of carisoprodol for over 14 days can provoke mental and physical addiction. The latter usually affects the patients who have a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Precautionary measures

Keep in mind that Soma can lead to the development of dependence. For this reason, itmust be used only on a short-term basis.

Don’t use Soma if you have allergy to any of its active ingredients.

 Soma includes some inactive components that can provoke allergic reactions.

Tell your physician if you suffer from seizures, spasms, liver or renal failure before starting the treatment with Soma so that he/she can modify the dosage taking into account on your condition.

Inform your doctor if you’re taking any other medication before starting the therapy with Soma to prevent any drug interactions.

Please don’t drive a car or manage any equipment during the treatment, since Soma can decrease concentration.

Side effects


As any other medication, Soma can causeside effects. Keep in mind that this medication must be prescribed only if the expected benefits of its use outweigh the possible side effects. You may notice specific side effects until your organism gets used to Soma.

Your physician will explain you how to avertside effects. You should take this drugin strict accordance with the doctor’s prescriptions to prevent any health problems.

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